The Lascivious Transformation

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My blood boiled in my veins. Zach better pray I die. If I didn't I'd spend my last breath taking his. Why he, my maker, didn't warn me of this faction of hunters that wanted to revert us back to our human state is something I wanted to know, badly. I hated him for leaving me ignorant and vulnerable.
Salvadore led me upstairs, wisely not touching me, just simply guiding me toward our destination. He led me to the attic of his massive house. I was anticipating a room filled with various torture devices and wasn't completely disappointed.
In the center of the large room was a king sized bed. To the right was an open bathroom complete with a shower stall and a large garden tub. On the left, hidden among the shadows, was a table with straps, a chain attached to the floor, and more straps against the wall. I shuddered.
"If you would kindly step this way." Salvadore asked as he picked up the collar from the floor. "The first thing we need to do, is remove your emotional connection to your maker. It'll be easier if you shift a few times."
I looked confused. He sighed, shaking his head at my ignorance.
"What has Zach been teaching you? Surely you've noticed the arousal, the heightened sexuality you feel when you shift? Shifting releases natural pheromones to help attract mates. Kyle here is a werewolf and will be assisting you in the removal of your emotional ties to that man."
In Kyle's defense, he looked as disgusted as I felt.
"Of course, if you have any objections, I can find your human sister and demonstrate with her what I want you to do." He smiled as I growled in response.
I stepped forward and allowed him to place the collar around my neck. Kyle shifted into a wolf and back. The air grew thick, my body involuntarily responding to the pheromones he released. Tearing my clothes from my body, Salvadore locked me in the attic with an aroused and irritated werewolf. He spoke as he closed the door.
"I'll be back in the morning and you'd better have some good news for me. Do not test me in this Kiera." The door slammed behind him and I listened as his feet walked away, until they'd completely disappeared.
"I can't do this," I whispered, hoping Kyle would help us escape, knowing he wouldn't.
"Do you know what my brother does to women? He's brutal. He wanted you, but Salvadore didn't want you broken. Do I have to force you to shift, or can you manage on your own?"
"No. Give me a minute." My voice was small, defeated. I liked being a Shifter; I didn't want to go back to simply being human again.  
"Raymond hopes you fail. If you refuse, he not only gets to play with you, but your sister as well. He loves to make women scream in agony. Don't let him do that to her, she's only human. She'd never survive his attention." His voice held fear and regret. I was surprised to discover that I was actually able to take comfort in the knowledge that he didn't want this either. I shifted into a wolf and back, mimicking his earlier movements.
Lust thickened in the air. We shifted again, our bodies releasing the mating scent until I could almost feel it like heated fog against my sensitized body. My body wanted release. It had been denied for so long, and with the desire, hunger, and the cloying need suffocating the room, I was having an impossible time resisting. 

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