Sunday, August 19, 2018

Kiss Me: An Asian Boxed Set Anthology

Two Worlds, One Kiss, a Lifetime of Love
This set features EIGHT sweet contemporary romance novellas featuring handsome Asian heroes.
From Australia’s vineyards to the bright lights of Hong Kong, these stories have something for anyone looking for a little international flair in their romance.
This set will only be available for a limited time only, so don’t miss out!
Joanne Dannon – An Unexpected Forever -   
A world of differences, an unexpected forever.
Because of her upbringing, they can’t date and they can’t live together. Their differences leave them worlds—and soon to be oceans—apart. With such a gulf between them, can they find a way to bridge it together and seize their unexpected forever?
Khardine Gray – Kisses and Blossoms-  Akihiro Kimora was the kind of guy you’d imagine in a dream. If only he wasn’t the cop investigating the theft of a priceless Japanese painting Helen was suspected of stealing.
Is this the case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but then how would they have met?
Imogene Nix – Hero of Heartbreak Hill-  When Connor meets Kelly it’s clear that she’s been hurt before and the reason she fights against the growing attraction between them. When her past raises its ugly head, the question becomes: can the outback town of Heartbreak Hill—and Connor—heal her broken heart?
Aislinn Kearns – Until You
Dakota Harrison – Once Upon a K-Pop Prince-  A hunky hardbody in her bed wasn’t what Andi ordered for her 40th birthday but when he has the face of an angel, the package is hard to resist.
A gorgeous woman in his bed might be any man’s dream come true, but for Min-Kyu, it could turn into a nightmare. If only she wasn’t HIS dream come true.
One little lie, a career at stake, and a match made in Okinawa.
Fiona Marsden – Beautiful Stranger- She trusted him with her body but can she trust him with her heart.
Terri A. Wilson – A New Ending-  As a single parent, Jamie has no time for love and spends all her energy creating a better life for her daughter. When faced with a choice between the life she once led and a man she barely knows but wants to be with forever, will she have the courage to face her mistakes and trust that love is unconditional?
Zena Oliver – Seven-Day Cruise-  Riley and Taite kept their careers as their top priority. Neither was willing to sacrifice for love. When they met on the cruise, neither intended to become more than friends. But their hearts didn't get the memo.
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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Two New Anthologies

Two new anthologies available for pre-order now.

$0.99 each!

Rise of the Fallen has my short story prequel, Death of Dragons, along with stories from 9 other authors.

Twisted 2 has a collection of 19 authors scaring the socks off you!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Underlayes book 2 release by T. A. Moorman

The Succubus, The Demon, & The Witch
By T. A. Moorman
Published by After Glows Publishing 3/27/2018

In Underlayes, a dimension separate from our own, where all mystical creatures reside, lies an orphanage for seemingly cast-off children, known as the Abbey. Children who are born from two or more factions. There they learn both who and what they truly are, and what powers they have lying within. What these children do not know is they were put there for their own good, for their protection, not because they were unwanted or unloved. In fact, the very opposite is true. Many would kill to get their hands on these children.

As Jelissa comes of age, she is about to learn the hard way to what lengths one such being is willing to go.

Jelissa has been a resident of the Abbey for as long as she has been alive. She has also never known what she is, besides being part witch. At the age of twenty-five, she will learn just what types of blood run through her veins. She will also find out much more—that she is also the long-lost princess almost no one even knew existed.

Tialanna secreted her only child away for her own protection. Before she can tell Jelissa the truth, Jelissa is kidnapped. All Tialanna’s greatest fears unfold before her very eyes, and her past comes back to haunt her in more ways than one.

As most do when they come of age, Jelissa will learn the hard way that adult life isn't all it’s cracked up to be. And Tialanna learns the hard way that if you don’t learn from your past, it will come back and bite you on the ass.

Tialanna and her band of unmerry misfits are in a race against the clock to rescue Jelissa. Will they find her in time? And if they do, will they be able to save her from a danger they hadn’t anticipated: herself?

“The enemy you know is one thing—you at least know what you’re up against. Someone who you don’t know, well, it’s kinda hard to come up with a game plan when you have no idea who or what you’re even preparing to fight.” Anya sat back as she thought of her vision as she added, “And if they somehow took her into the human realm, we also need to worry how being a sin eater demon will affect her.”
“Dear Goddess, I didn’t even think of that,” Elyssia gasped in alarm.
“That’s right, Sis, none of us really did. Like I said before, sin isn’t a thing here. We never even entertained the possibility of her ending up there. She’s been her entire life with almost no power at all. If that much power comes on line all at once—power that won’t only be foreign to her, but more than she’s ever learned how to contain or control—it’ll either help her, or it just might kill her.”

About the Author:

When you become a Mom, you begin to put yourself last, and your combat boots begin to collect dust. Going to your child's PTA meetings in full Gothic, especially industrial, regalia is pretty much frowned upon. Especially by your own children, and your teens would die of a heart attack. But, one should not have to completely stop being themselves, uniqueness is greatness. All of that darkness is put into the words in her books, and designs in her jewelry sold in her GothicMoms DarkCharms shop.

Single mother of five beautiful children, but by far more than just that. T. A. Moorman is an artist, a former violinist, a seamstress, a crafter, a writer, a blogger, a reviewer, a dark confidant and a darkly dangerous, fiercely protective friend. And currently broke, so go buy something of hers. Lol.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018


I've had a lot on my mind lately and been avoiding other things. <- I know, super vague.
I literally had an epiphany like 3 minutes ago and thought I'd share. First, I tend to like to ramble more on Facebook than anywhere else, and not on my page, but on my personal profile. I think some of these ramblings need to be switched to a different media - either here or on my actual page, since most of them have to do with writing and my process/frustrations. So I'm going to try that and see what happens. Apparently, that's my motto for this year. Last year was the "year of Change." This year it's, "let's try that and see what happens." I have zero control and minimal direction. And I'm freaking out - but oddly okay with that.
Second, I'm writing a new short story for another anthology. I love anthologies btw. As a reader more than a writer, since most of the anthologies I've been in have been extremely frustrating from my side of things. But I absolutely love reading and being introduced to new authors by way of anthologies. After the last one I participated in, I didn't think I'd have the courage to try again, but here I am, avoiding writing this little story.
And you know why? Because - and this is where the epiphany comes in - I love this story. I've been wanting to write it almost since I started writing in 2010. I have pictures, synopsis, notes, even the first few chapters plotted. I thought, "ohh! This new anthology is the PERFECT opportunity to jump into this book - write the intro here and when I'm ready, I'll write the whole thing." And I've been avoiding it all week; purposely finding other things I've wanted to work on/study instead. I have this book so hyped in my head that I am having doubts that I'm good enough to write it. There. I said it. No one could write it except for me - it's MY story.
But I want it to be epic. I want people to hold it in their hands reverently. In awe of what's between the pages. Emotions running the whole gamut from angry to weeping to overjoyed. And I'm absolutely terrified that I won't be able to deliver. I have this pressure I've put on myself that's completely unreasonable.
I started writing it today. I've decided on a new path for it, while still holding onto the original goals. And I'm okay if it's not epic for everyone. If just one person has to stop at some point while reading to hold it to their chest and whisper, "I love this book," then I've done it.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Save the Date!

March 1- May 31 - Dreams are Stranger Than Fiction available.(pre-orders available now!)

Amazon Buy Link
March 15 - Choice releases (pre-orders available now!)


March 24 - book signing at Reno Barnes & Noble from 1-3

April 7/8 - Walker Stalker Con in Chicago

April 13/14 - Turning the Pages signing and dinner.
Award Signing and Dinner
Hilton of Asheville Biltmore Park, NC

Friday, February 16, 2018

Salt Lake Comic Convention

It's Official! 

I'll be attending the Salt Lake Comic Convention this year! I'm so excited. Hope to see you there. :)