Friday, June 29, 2012

Crazy week

I found a kitten in my garden and have no idea what to do with him. Let me explain what an absolute bleeding heart I am when it comes to cats. I am the crazy cat lady your family warned you about, yet I also have OCD, so I'm a very CLEAN crazy cat lady. I have 8 cats already; one of which has to stay in her own room because she hates cats. Yes, you read that correctly.
Now this kitten is probably about 2-4 months old, black with three equally spaced white spots on his belly and has brown eyes. He's adorable. He's growling at all the other cats, playing with toys and being attacked by a couple of my 17lb adult cats. He's been in our house for 3 days now and I can't bring myself to put him outside. I've even named him. I know, I'm an idiot.
Anyway, one of my friends agreed to give him as a present to her daughter for her birthday in September. Trouble is, by then am I going to be too attached to this little stinker and will they all get along by then? If the answer to that question is yes, how do I part with him?
<shakes head> Frustrating situations I put myself in. I keep telling people I don't need to be involved in their drama as I cause enough on my own, but no one believes me....
My sister's 30th birthday was Thursday. I took her to the hot springs we used to go to and can honestly tell you I have no desire to ever return. The drive to get there plus the fee to get in wasn't worth the pools. They were all cracked, slimy, uneven, and really gross. I had a very difficult time relaxing as I was more concerned about what I was contracting than how the sulfuric water was purifying and soothing me. Furthermore, we swam in the pool that was discolored and had a grainy bottom. The bottom used to be cement. Also, my bathing suit fell apart. That was fun. I had a bikini skirt that turned into a calf-length skirt instead of a mini. I'm sunburnt BELOW my suit line on my chest. I've never had that happen before. I had no idea swimsuits could fall apart like that. It's only 2 years old too. I don't swim that much!
So today, I took her to see Magic Mike. We loved it. The dancing scenes are worth the price of admission and I wish they had clubs like that here. I'd never have any money. lol. The scenes not involving stripping, depicted the lifestyle of a clubber and how Mike grows to realize that lifestyle isn't for him. He wants something more for himself. I thought that was a good movie premise in and of itself. I like watching how people grow. All-in-all, if you're a woman, or a gay man, go see this movie. Straight men I think would be way too embarrassed to watch this. It was fun, entertaining and exciting.
I'm now sitting at my computer with the cat that hates cats (Damona aka: Satan), writing and avoiding the completion of Zombie #2. I'm pages away and have to edit and publish. I'll get it finished mid-July, I'm just procrastinating. I'm good at that.
I hope y'all have a great weekend! As for me, I'm tired and Damona's purring is putting me to sleep. :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Super busy

When I start getting into the grove of writing and such I forget that I have this lovely blog that I actually do love. So sorry for taking so long to update you on the happenings! Bad Jean! lol
Anyway, my WriCha challenge has been submitted to Zoe. I'm excited for this to be viewed and to get your opinion on it. It's completely different from anything else I've written and was really fun to do.
Zombie War 2: Little Apocalypse on the Prairie is in the final stages of completion. Whew! I'm working on the last chapter and then have edits, a synopsis and publication. The goal is to have it available to you by my birthday, July 16. After that I'm free to concentrate solely on Created. I really want to get this book out this year! I've been a little intimidated by the length and details, but I know it's my best book so far and you're absolutely going to LOVE it!!! Victoria's story is so dark and interesting. I've been rooting for her so much, but things keep happening to her that are way out of my control. I love writing.
Another awesome thing I've been working on is my website. I officially have a website!
Check it out if you have a minute. I'm very excited about it and will spend some time in the next six months trying to figure out how to make it a bit more interactive. I want to put a page up for those of you who are obsessing on who should play certain characters in the movie (should Origins ever be picked up as a movie). I also want to put a comment page up so readers can see what other readers are saying about the books. As of right now though, I like the website and think you will too. I'm crazy excited to have my very own website and feel like a total dork because of that. :)
Anyway, I should get back to the wonderful world of Zombies now. Take care and happy reading!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


It's my husband's birthday today! Happy Birthday to him! He's working and we're not doing a darn thing for him this year. I feel bad, but after a certain year, it's kinda pointless to celebrate every birthday, unless you have kids. We don't. We have cats. They don't really care if it's our birthday or not, unless they get treats. lol.
He doesn't really care about his birthday, never has in the twelve years we've been together, but I love being able to celebrate birthdays with people. I think they're fun. Anyway, he's older today, and I'm very glad to have been able to spend the past twelve years with him, watching as he's grown into the man I always believed him to be. Love you babe! :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I've been thinking a whole lot about my past the past few weeks. I started a memoir a few months ago and thought to myself as I wrote it, "I can only do this when I don't have to go to a night job and am able to visit the sun." Writing this story would be fictionalized a bit because I don't remember a whole lot of things. I chose not to remember them. Some things have been sneaking past my barriers lately and I want to share them. I just don't know if I should.
Telling this story is extremely painful and difficult. It'd hurt a whole lot of people and I don't want to do that. I dislike hurting people. The question is, should I write it, should I show others out there that have had similar things happen to them in their past, that you can overcome difficulties and lead a healthyish life? Is it worth it to risk the pain I might inflict on others? I just don't know. I know I want to write it, yet I also know I'll need a whole heck of a lot of love and support while I do. It will take me places I refuse to go, open wounds I'd closed a long time ago. I know I'm not ready for that. I use my pain, my frustrations, my insecurities, my hopes, my dreams and little bits of me in all of my writing. If I write my story, would all that go away in my other writings? Would it get worse, or better? Do I even want to risk that?
Writing Victoria's story has hit closer to home than I thought it would and has forced me to reflect on some very personal battles. She and I have suffered and have loved more than we ever should've. We've maintained our hope for love, for a better life throughout extreme difficulties. Situations that others would've cowered from, we've gained strength. I absolutely love her story. It's hard to write because it's so close to home, but it's absolutely powerful and profound.
I've finally gotten to the scene where she turns into a vampire. This has been a very difficult scene for me to write because it brings Victoria down to her absolute lowest point in her life. It's painful, degrading and difficult for her to bear. I find I don't like causing my characters pain, but this has to happen. I've already created her as a vampire. She has to be Created somehow. We've been avoiding this for months now, writing other scenes, expanding on her history, all to simply avoid becoming a monster. Is being a blood sucking fiend a monster, or is it what's in your heart that makes you that? I really just want to jump to the ending, to see if she ever finds happiness, or if it continues to elude her until her dying breath. Even I don't know that answer yet.
Hopefully in the next few days she and I will gather our courage and go through the event that destroys her. Hopefully she'll come out of it in tact and realize that it's what's in your heart that's important. Your heart dictates your personality, how you'll react to something. If you have a good heart, you'll be a good person. That's what I believe anyway.
Well, I'm off to attempt to write a bit. I hope you all have a wonderful day! :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Wricha Update

I've finally completed my Wricha short story, The Island. I was surprisingly able to keep it under 3000 words without cutting anything. I was also able to keep it in the general vicinity of my genre without leaving the PG rating. That was harder than I thought it be. When I started, I picked this prompt in order to travel outside my comfort zone. I started writing and found myself stubbornly headed back into it. It's still very unique to my writing, still something I'd never have written about if I thought about it, but you can still hear my voice and the undertones of my style. While there's absolutely no sex or graphic details of gore or romance, that doesn't mean it isn't implied. I like it. I know now that I'll probably never write a YA novel, but this was fun and extremely challenging for me. I've never been given guidelines to write in before. It was fun to try to get you to care about the characters as well as encompass the requirements of the challenge all into an extremely short story.
I can't wait until it goes live in July! :)
Happy Reading!