Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wow, I'm slacking hard-core

I know I have a hard time writing on here, but geez. Someone should kick my butt for me. :) Sorry folks!
Zombies has been more of a hit than I imagined it would be- I'm in seventh heaven with all the wonderful feedback I've been getting from people! Thanks guys! To answer the question everyone seems to be asking: I wasn't planning on writing a sequel to this book, but I will do my best to write one after I finish with Changed. (still hoping and praying for an October release date)
My personal life this month has been in the crapper. I've been struggling to remain afloat in the insanity that is my life, and have not been writing nearly as much as I've wanted to. I apologize now. That being said, I'm up to Chapter 5 in Changed, and have a very nice handle on the rest of the book. I've got my outline, something I only seem to do when I get frustrated about where things are at, and need to organize every aspect of life. I found a new editor, one that I think is going to work better than the last one I had for Choice. (I didn't have an editor for Zombies) I just enrolled in a class that I don't want to take, but have to, so...yea? So now I'm working full time, going to school, being a wife, and writing. The pressure of life is on, and I'm thriving. There must be something seriously wrong with me to be able to thrive in mass chaos. lol.
Anyway, I just wanted to post an update and let you know that I am still writing, not stuck in a bunker warding off the undead. ;)

Friday, June 3, 2011

random stuff

Yea! I figured out how to upload Zombie War to Goodreads! Awesome. I also helped someone today with their publishing frustrations. Yea! Feeling good on the work site today.
I am completely frustrated with Changed and have not wanted to sit and write for days now. I keep waiting for that to change, but can't figure out why I feel stuck in the first place. Grr.
Today I feel like utter crap- thank you allergies- so I haven't wanted to do anything anyway. I watched season 3 of True Blood because I like it and also because people keep telling me that Alcide the werwolf  would make an excellent Raif if I ever made a movie out of Choice. I still don't see it. Don't get me wrong, Joe Manganiello is totally hot, and should never have been allowed to wear a shirt in this show, but I just don't picture him as Raif. I picture someone like the Rock or Vin Diesel as Raif. I may have to create a character specifically for Joe Manganiello though, simply because he really is yummy. This is all assuming that I will one day make a movie out of my books. That would be awesome. I think I'd have to pinch myself.
I have to go try to sleep off some of my allergy drugs. I'm way too loopy. This is why I hate allergies and asthma. I cannot breathe, so I take meds, then I lose my dang mind. If I don't take the meds, I cannot breathe. Where is the happy medium here?!? I just want to BREATHE!!! argh!!!!
I hope your day is better than mine. Although, I did get to watch a whole lot of sexiness, so it wasn't all bad. ;)