Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Color of Destiny by Julianne MacLean

5 Stars

This is such a moving story of heartache, pain, and hope. I didn't want to put this book down and loved how everything was told. I don't want to go into too much detail, because having it unfold as you read is definitely part of this books magic. It's a heartwarming tale that will have you believing in love and all of life's possibilities.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

BHC Authors - Connecting Readers to Authors

BHC Authors Logo

Blue Harvest Creative is excited to announce the next generation of independence has arrived! And I'm thrilled to be a part of it! Blue Harvest has been a wonderful experience for me - taking my books to the level I want them, offering support, encouragement, and guidance behind the scenes. They're designers, and so much more. Take a second to check out their authors - you never know when you're going to find your next favorite!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Flower Bowl Spell by Olivia Bowler

4 Stars
This is a very cute, quirky book. Memphis is an interesting character - but not nearly as interesting as Cleo or the strangeness they encounter. It leaves you wanting to know more about their lives and interested in a good way - not a cliffhanger way. I would read more from Ms. Bowler and would recommend this to anyone who enjoys mystery, occult, witches, or fairies.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Beauty and the Wolf by Marina Myles

3 Stars
Meh. This was a cute, predictable story that was a fun waste of a few hours. Not sure I'll grab the rest of the series, but it was a cute read. I liked how Ms. Myles tied the book into the mythos, but there were plot holes and obvious "twists" and things that needed to be expanded on. Cute book, but "meh."

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Claimed by Evangeline Anderson

4 Stars
This is a very sexual book. Explicit and vulgar at times, while still maintaining a somewhat pleasant story. My favorite part was the pizza. I about fell out of my chair - I was laughing so hard. This was an enjoyable read, however, if you're shy at all about guttural sex or dirty talk, I may caution you. It can be a bit much at times - definitely something to read alone or with your partner nearby. The science-fiction story behind the sex was fun and I kind of wish the author would've focused more on that instead of the mating process. That being said, I enjoyed this book and can't wait to read Hunted to find out more about the Scourge.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Why did I chose Blue?

As some of you may already know, I first published Zombie War as a small, three book novella trilogy. What you may not know is that I did everything myself. From writing to cover art, editing, formatting, and hitting the print button - it was all me. And there was something missing.
I've known about Blue Harvest Creative for a few years, and had been leery of letting someone else touch my baby. After all, who knew my books better than me, and how could they do a better job? I followed a few BHC authors, read their work, and took time to talk to them. I watched them succeed while I continued to struggle. In short - I discovered that I truly couldn't do it all. I came to a startling realization that if I didn't want to take the time, money, and energy to invest in my work, how could I expect anyone else to?
So I handed over Zombie War to Blue Harvest Creative and gave them free reign to work their magic. I have never been happier.
"What did they do that was so amazing," you ask? Well....
First, we decided to scrap the whole novella thing and make Zombie War into one book with three parts - creating the story I'd originally planned on writing when I first started.
These are the covers I created for the original novella trilogy. They are no longer available in eBook or Print.
Secondly, the new full-length novel went through an excruciating 5-round editing process that took approximately 4 months to complete. This was an extremely humbling experience for me - as it should be for any author. We take these stories that scream in our heads, but the editors clean them up and show you the gaping holes you left because you can't see past the nose on your face. In short, they help you perfect and clarify the story you'd originally intended to tell.

Next, Blue took my cover design ideas and showed me greatness. 
The novel went from this:
My cover design - only 20 were printed and available
at the first Reno Comicon. 

To this:
The print wrap created by Blue Harvest Creative.

They designed my publishing imprint's logo for MoonStorm Publishing - something I never thought to do, and looks amazing.

Then they took the interior and floored me. Zombie War went from a simple book to a reading experience overnight. 
My interior:
Table of Contents scrapped from
the original books.

Screenshot of Chapter 1 - before Blue

The new, completed interior designed by Blue Harvest Creative:
Table of Contents

Screenshot of Chapter 6 - after Blue

And if that wasn't enough awesomeness - there's more.

They created a trailer:

and helped with marketing:

And they didn't stop at just ads - they helped create swag:

And finally, they are there for each and every one of their authors. They listen. They help guide you in the right direction to make your book the creation that was truly living in your head. You no longer feel as if you're alone - struggling to have someone, anyone look your way. Instead, you have Blue in your corner, cheering you on, encouraging you, promoting you, and showing you your potential. 

In short - I turned to Blue and haven't looked back. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Unrequited Love by Mary Reason Theriot

3 Stars
The writing in this story is very stilted and formal. Extremely tough to get into, and desperately needs an editor. Who is Gregory Ferris and why is he such a menace? I sometimes feel as if I started in book two, but there was no indication of a previous tale stated in my copy. I think if a good editor were to attack this book, it'd be fantastic. As it stands, it's extremely difficult to read and enjoy. I love the story idea though. I'm having such a difficult time reading it that I'm not sure how I'll finish. Please, Ms. Theriot, for the love of God, hire an editor. Unrequited Love could be FANTASTIC - if it was edited. Even a little bit. There are some very blatant errors in the plot that could be easily remedied with an editor. I know they can be expensive, but this story is worth the investment. The only reason I gave it 3 Stars instead of 1 was because I liked the story so much. Just please, PLEASE invest in yourself.


I am a proud BHC author - Stay tuned for more...