Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

What a crazy year it's been! 

My husband sent me on a much needed and appreciated vacation in January, where I was able to visit my claimed sister and spend a day in New York City. We saw Wicked on Broadway, spent time in Central Park after dark, saw the Statue of Liberty, and I devoured half of an authentic New York Pizza. In February, I got together with someone to help with marketing, and while it was an interesting experience, it's not a relationship I'm continuing in the upcoming year. April saw the end of my healthcare career, much to my relief, joy and terror; along with the birth of my grant writing career and continuation of Novel writing. Three Anthologies, and two novellas were published this year, with progress on Convergence, the 5th in the Origin's Series. New friends were made, old friends were lost, and peace began to settle in the Booth house. It's been a crazy adjustment not only to be working from home, which is much more difficult than people realize, but to also relearn to live in the daytime.
While there have been struggles and challenges this year, I'm hopeful and excited to see what the future holds.
I'm so grateful to have experienced this year with you all and can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for us!
How have you grown this past year? What do you hope for in 2014?

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Holidays!

I'm the oddball in my family. While everyone I know and love, including my husband, looks forward to, and celebrates Christmas, I do not. I support them and smile with them, doing my best to share in their joy of the Christmas season. Bry and I have a tree and we open presents with the cats on Christmas day, after Santa Paws has been to visit. It's silly, but it's fun. We also spend Christmas Eve and Day with some of our families. I have a blended family, and only some of them live near us, so it's a bittersweet time.
I, however, celebrate the Solstice. Quietly retreating to my office or the backyard, I sit in solitary meditation, giving thanks to Spirit, the god and goddess, and taking the time to send positive energy and healing to those who may need it. It warms my heart, heals a part of me that I never really knew needed the healing, and brings me peace and joy during this time of year.
While I do say, "Happy Christmas," "Happy Chanukah," and "Happy Holidays" to people, I don't force my beliefs on them and don't get offended if others forget or ignore my beliefs. I believe this time of year is a time of remembrance, love and charity to and for all.
So, no matter what your beliefs are during this hectic season, I hope you find joy and blessings with those around you. <3

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cover release

I know you guys have been waiting for news regarding Origins #5, and boy do I have some news for you! The title and cover-art are being released TODAY!!!
I'm still writing it, and am hoping to have it available early 2014. Enjoy!

Head on over to Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Smashwords to get caught up on the Origins of the Supernaturals!

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Weaver Saga

In preparation for the release of Flickers *December 10*, John Abramowitz has discounted Weaver and Void to $0.99!!!

This is what John has to say about the Weaver Saga:

For the first few chapters of Weaver, Book 1 of The Weaver Saga, readers might think they're delving into a young adult paranormal romance. The book starts out in familiar enough territory: shy, socially isolated girl meets the boy of her dreams. But from the moment I started writing, my plan was to take this well-worn plot device and twist it into something terrifying. My fifteen-year-old protagonist would meet the boy of her dreams, all right--but the dream would be about him killing her. And rather than a romance, readers would get a thriller. (Though there are plenty of romantic elements for those looking to swoon.)

There were two reasons for the bait-and-switch. First, I'm contrary by nature. When I write, nothing makes me happier than defying reader expectations and genre conventions. The last thing I want is for a reader of mine to say "Oh, I know where this is going"--and then end up being right. Predictability leads to boredom, and if my readers are bored, I'm not doing my job right.

The other reason is that I'm tired of abusive love interests in young adult fantasy fiction. I will admit up front that this is a genre that I watch more than read. I watched The Vampire Diaries until it jumped the shark completely during season 4 and still keep up with its spinoff series The Originals. Until it was cancelled, I also enjoyed The Nine Lives of Chloe King. And maybe it's just me, but when the first thing a character does onscreen is assault someone who's done him no harm (as happened in The Nine Lives of Chloe King), that character should have no chance as a love interest. At least not without some serious rehabilitation first. Similarly, a character who puts his hands around the throat of the woman who is carrying his child (as happened in The Originals) should immediately lose all chance of winning over the girl of his dreams. And I don't think snapping the neck of your lady love's younger brother should be an aphrodisiac, either. (The Vampire Diaries, season 2, episode 1.)

I wrote The Weaver Saga, as much as anything else, to question whether writers should hold up such characters as ideal partners for young women (or role models for young men seeking to "get the girl"). An attractive monster is still a monster. At the same time, though, there's a reason that the "bad boy" character gets re-used so often: "dangerous" and "sexy" often do go hand-in-hand. And sometimes bad people really do find a measure of redemption, so I didn't want to discount that possibility, either. I tried to look at the issue from all sides.

Oh, and I threw in an FBI agent and a secret society and some superpowered kids, too. Just for extra fun. If I haven't scared you away with all the parentheses in this article, I invite you to give Weaver a shot. Buckle up--a new kind of young adult fantasy awaits.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Envisioned - Origins of the Supernaturals Book 4.5

Available Now!

Origins of the Supernaturals Book 4.5 by Jean Booth

As leader of the wolves, Auto holds immense power and responsibility. He's Stephan's second, and his oldest friend. In truth he'd give it all up to find his mate, his Alma Xemelga.
Sage was plagued with nightmares of a wolf hunting in the Michigan forests. Drawn to the wolf for reasons she can't understand, she never spoke of these dreams... until she met him.
With Auto's secret in her hands, he wonders, can she accept him for what he truly is? And when he learns of her powerful, hidden talents, will she be able to accept herself?

JEAN BOOTH lives in Nevada with her husband and cats. When she's not out risking her neck on the back of her motorcycle, she enjoys the more calm activities of reading, gardening, and spending time with her friends and family. She has worked in health care for most of her adult life before deciding to finally share the stories that have been living in her head.
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