Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Today is a day of remembrance. A day where we thank the men and women in the military for their sacrifice to our country. So many people forget that sacrifice doesn't just include lives. The service men and women fight for the ideals of the American way of life. They allow us to be able to bitch about anything and everything we want. They allow us the freedoms we take for granted every day. They don't do this because they want prestige or fame, they do this because they believe in the idea, the foundation of America.
I for one, am grateful everyday for the sacrifices they make. They sacrifice their young adulthood to train and fight for my rights. They sacrifice life and limbs in protection of the freedoms I treasure. They sacrifice their psyche in order to protect mine. They truly are heros.
Today, as in all others, I thank-you for fighting for me when I am unable to.

Friday, May 27, 2011


Holy cow life's been kicking my butt lately! I'm so ready to just hang back and relax for a bit. I went on vacation last week, which was amazing. I had tried to post something before I left, but blogger didn't like me for a couple of days.
I had an absolutely wonderful time in Baltimore MD. The people were mostly nice, my friends were awesome as usual, and the weather was beautiful. I had forgotten how green everything could get, and how wonderful rain was.
The most exciting part of my trip was the trapeze class I went to at the Trapeze School of New York in Washington D.C. I am terrified of heights and the instructors there were so wonderful. They were patient with me, joked and talked with me about stupid things to take my mind off the fact that I was jumping off a perfectly good platform. I can't really say that I flew through the air with the greatest of ease, but I jumped. Then signed up for another day because it was so unbelievably amazing!
On my second day, I was still nervous but considerably less than the first day. By my last three swings I was doing backflips off the bar!!! The workout, the thrill, the fun- absolutely wonderful!! I hope there is a school here that I can go to because I am now addicted for life. :)
I did quite a bit of the touristy things that people go to D.C. for, saw Annapolis and all the wonderful sailors there, and took in some sights in Baltimore proper. All in all I loved it. I can't wait to go back.
I told my friend that I had a book in the wings that was a sci-fi military thriller, and that I would be picking her brain in a year to get some info to make the book more realistic. She seemed very excited about the premise of the book, gave me some reference material, and told me that what I had so far wasn't too far off the mark. My creative brain wants to jump right into this book now, but I seriously have to get Changed finished first!!!
Changed has been progressing very nicely. I finally have an intro that I'm happy with, a good start to the second chapter, and scenes further into the book that I am amazed with. I'm looking toward an October release date, and so far, it looks like it might actually happen. Awesome. :) Zombie War is doing great at the moment. I'm still working out a few kinks with some of my websites, but it's for sale and doing well.
Many thanks to my wonderful fans- you guys rock! I hope the books are entertaining, fun, and memorable to you. Must get back to the writing. Happy Reading!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I totally tried to post a see-ya-soon blog here a week ago and apparently was having Blogger issues with my computer. grrr. I went on my first vacation in forever to Baltimore. What a beautiful place. I met with some very interesting people and had a wonderful time. I'm hoping to have more later when I haven't been up for ??? hours and have jet lag. I'm exhausted right now, the kitties are all cuddling with me, and hubby's picking up dinner. Goal this week: give a synopsis of my vacation and type what I wrote on the plane. Changed is coming along well. I'm excited so far.
In the meantime, I apologize for my absence. I need to sleep. Goodnight and happy reading to all!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Whoo hoo!! I'm doing my happy dance!!! Zombie War: The Beginning is officially available today!!! I'm so totally and completely excited right now!!! YEA!! I love seeing my books out there. It's like my baby's all grown up and ready to play!
I'm REALLY tired right now; totally living on the euphoria of publishing my second book this year. Can we do a third?!!?! Dare I dream!?!?!
I think I'll go dream the possibilities now. Happy Reading to all and good night! =D