Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Dance

I'm sitting in my chair doing a crazy little happy dance because The Lascivious Transformation just passed the 700 download marker! I'm super excited about this!!!
Whoop dee doo, you say? Well, I say yippie!!! That's 700+ crazy people like me who like untraditional erotic writing in 2 1/2 months, with some of that time consisting of the book being off the shelves due to censorship issues and absolutely zero marketing, except for my blog, twitter and fb account. That to me is awesome! It means people are starting to read me, to get to know the type of writer I am and will start following me! It means that things are finally looking in the positive direction for my writing career.
**Big sigh of relief**
I'm devoting this weekend to reviews and at least half a day each of Zombies and Created. The zombie sequel has been nudging at my psyche this past week, and I think it's time to try to venture back into the blood and guts and gore of the zombie apocalypse. I haven't been liking what's been turning up on the pages, but I've had some fan/friends read what's there already and they love it. It's not as gory and intensely graphic as the first, at least not yet, but it's very suspenseful. I'm three chapters into it, and know without a doubt that this one will be at least twice as long as the first one, if not longer.
I've got Choice and Changed in the hands of some well-known paranormal romance fanatics, and I'm praying they like them and they get good reviews. I'll keep you posted as I go along.
The cats are really getting sick of me coming home and sitting in front of the computer or sleeping, so I think I'm going to have to go spend some mommy-kitty time with them. Hopefully soon, I won't have to leave to go to work, and they can just deal with me at the computer for a few hours a day while I spend more time with them. That's my dream.

Friday, March 23, 2012


I've been working on Victoria's story- Created. So far I absolutely love it. Her story is complex, deeply dark and fun to write. It starts out with her in the here and now and quickly goes to three years before her transformation (1610). It's fun because I'm learning so much about Incan and Spanish history as well as adding my own twist to how the insane Atlantean warrior will affect the culture of her small village life. It's historical romance with a supernatural twist. It's been hard to keep my head in the different culture as well as trying to show Mneseus' insanity from Victoria's perspective. 
The more I write in this series, the harder it is to keep everything in order. I've always hated it as a reader to read the third or fifth novel and notice a huge issue with the time flow. I've worked really hard on my series to keep the timeline and character's abilities in sync. I definitely have more respect and understanding for the authors that I used to get annoyed with. This is difficult! :) 
It's so much fun to get into Victoria's head though. She's such a complicated and deep character, a trait that I don't think anyone's noticed yet. She's always been comfortable hiding in the shadows and staying away from the lime light, so I'm really excited that she wants her story told.
I have the outline for it in my head and I'll be surprised if it's under 300 pages. This will be my longest book to date. I'm nervous about that, but really happy. So far I have the Prolog and the first two and a half chapters written, as well as a partial chapter that's a bit further into the storyline. It's really exciting to watch this story progress. Mneseus seems like a normal, battle-hardened warrior, but in reality he's one of the most unstable characters I've ever seen. He should've been killed decades ago, but Stephan is tired of destroying his old friends and Mneseus is retaliating by collecting Victoria. She reminds him of his dead wife and he wants to recreate in her what he lost during Atlantis' sinking. Victoria is thrust into a culture she doesn't understand and has to learn things from an insane shape-shifter. I can't wait to finish this and share it with you! I'm so excited about this story! I should go and type some more! 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Agented... to be, or not to be?

First of all, Happy St. Patrick's day! I actually like this holiday, as I try to wear the least amount of green to see if anyone pays attention. When I was little, if someone pinched you and you were actually wearing green, you got to punch them. I liked punching people. I still do. Perhaps I have a bit of an anger issue, who knows, who cares, I just like to see how many people pay attention to the little things. :)
Saphyra is doing her best to push the boundaries we've set while I write. She's sitting with her front paw directly on the smallest corner of my keyboard. She knows she's not supposed to sit on my hands or on the keys, so she's pushing boundaries to see if she'll get in trouble or if I'll cave and cuddle with her. Usually we compromise and I have a nice kitty couch set up on the chair next to me. They sleep there while I'm on the computer and occasionally I reach over and pet them. The corner of the couch rests against my leg, so they feel like we're cuddling. It works, unless they're in a boundary pushing mood. I love cats.
I've been tossing around the idea about becoming agented and trying the traditional publishing route. I enjoy doing it all myself. Knowing that I did the formatting, writing, cover-art, and really everything for the books, makes me really happy. It's a sense of accomplishment that I'm not sure I'd feel with an agent and publisher. On the other hand, if I had an actual publisher, I'd see my books in the stores. That'd be amazing.
So, last month something happened at work to make me wonder how long I'm actually going to stay employed. I freaked out and decided that I now have no choice but to try traditional publishing and pray that I get a decent sign on bonus. I wrote my query letter (Which was no small feat, let me tell you- holy cow!) and sent it out to three different agents. I'm also going to a writer's conference in April where I'll get to meet 1:1 with an agent an hope she signs me. I was stressed out, nervous, and scared to death. I'm not sure what scared me more, getting accepted or being denied.
I got my second denial yesterday and cried. The denials are actually very nice, for rejections, but it hurt to know that they didn't like me for whatever reason. It's also hard to face the reality that I'm stuck at my job for an unknown period of time.
I talked to Bry about it yesterday, and he said something to me that I thought was really profound. He said,"Why are you even trying to get an agent? You liked writing before, now you're miserable and stressed out. You're hobby should be fun, not make you feel like this." It struck a few cords in me, one of which we discussed and he apologized for- writing for me is MUCH more than a hobby. He had a point though. I love writing. I love the entire process. It's challenging, and I learn something new every day. I can see how much I've grown. It's awesome. My friend Audrey had this to say, "What?! I don't understand, all they have to do is read what you've written, and they'll love you!" That statement made my day. :)
So for now, I've decided to rethink a few things. I'm going to continue to write and continue publishing on my own. I like it, it makes me happy. If for some reason, I get approached by an agent or an editor, I'll figure things out then. I'm still going to the conference in April, I'm actually very excited to see what they have to say about writing. I'm not going to stress about it anymore, I love writing, and that's all that matters.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Conclusion of Read an eBook Week

Thank-you so much for your support this week during Read an eBook week at Smashwords!!! Through your shares and support I was able to give over 200 books away!! YEA!! That's 200 more people who are getting to know me as a writer. I'm so excited and encouraged for the opportunities of this year! Hopefully it continues to be AMAZING!!! My fans absolutely ROCK and I love every one of you! Happy reading!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Read an eBook Week

Smashwords has a promotion this week where you can get eBooks at a discounted rate. They do this to promote eBooks and support Indie Authors like me. I'm participating and right now you can download all four of my books for FREE!!!
You read correctly-FREE!!!
Furthermore, we haven't gotten the final word on PayPal's censoring so Lascivious Transformation is still available. Grab it while you still can!

Click on the link and use the coupon code RE100 at checkout to get your collection for FREE!!!!

Once you purchase from Smashwords, the eBook is available for download on ALL eReader devices that you may own. Awesome, right? 
Thanks for your support! 

Friday, March 2, 2012


I've decided to put Zombie Wars on the shelf right now. I just can't get into it at the moment. Sorry to those who were patiently waiting for the sequel. I want to put out a book I actually like, and so far... ugh.
I've been working on Victoria's story, Created. It seems to call to me more than any other book I've been working on, and is flowing very nicely. I'm very excited for her story, more so than I thought I'd be. I wasn't even planning on writing her story, but apparently she wants it told. I love writing.
The dilemma I'm facing right now is how to write her story. I started it in third person, but am not sure if I want it to go that way. The other two and a half books in this series are told in first person, and the two main books are both from Natasha's point of view. I thought that because I was writing from another character's point of view I should write in a different viewpoint, but now I'm thinking I should continue the same viewpoint for the entire series. hmm....
Personally I prefer writing in first person. I get more attuned to the main character's personality and how everything else meshes with their storyline then when I'm writing third person. I like third person because it's easier for me to express the emotions and thoughts of all the characters instead of just how my main character perceives them. It's just harder for me to become emotionally connected to my characters in third person.
A couple of my other works are written in first person, but the speaker changes throughout the book. I have one book that I'm excited to work on, but haven't had the time and energy I need to go to the dark places it's going to take me to to write it. That one has letters meshed in with a storyline. It's proven to be a challenge to intermix the two, but I know that when I have the time to go into the dark, twisted world of a serial killer, I'll be able to mesh it well.
For some reason, this year I've been having a difficult time staying focused. I'm excited about April and the possibilities it holds. I've been extremely stressed out at work lately and too exhausted to focus on anything of substance by the time I get home. I need to get my butt in gear and focus on one project; make a commitment and stay with it through thick or thin.
I'll let you know how that works out. :)