Friday, September 9, 2011


This week has been amazing.
I hand-write my books, didn't know if you knew that or not, but thought I should mention it. It's a way for me to get the ideas out, and I can write at any time, almost any place. I carry a notebook with me everywhere I go so that when inspiration strikes- I'm ready.
I've tired the whole tape recorder thing, but it's really awkward for me. I feel narcissistic when I use it, like I want to listen to the dulcet sounds of my voice over and over and over- but I really don't.
When I sit at the computer, I tend to get easily distracted. My cat's want to cuddle, I need to market, blog, chat on Facebook, search things, whatever. If I don't have the pages sitting next to me, staring at me in accusation, I tend to not find the motivation to type. So I hand write everything.
As I type it into the computer, I do my first round of edits and usually expand or delete scenes.
This week, I've hand-written 20 pages. I'm beyond excited about this because I'm getting closer and closer to connecting to the pinnacle scene that I already have written. Natasha and I have gotten a better insight on her new life as an Atlantean shifter, and are finally starting to feel like she has a tentative place in her new society. It's awesome.
By the time I finish typing it into the book, I will have quite a bit more than the 20 hand written pages and more detail wrapped up into the emotional upheaval that is at the core of her being. She's more complex than I'd originally thought she would be, and while it's a bitch to write, I love it. I love that Natasha is her own person, and that this really does feel like someone just telling me about their story so I can share it with others.
I have to get back to writing now, still have 12 more pages to go. Happy reading! =D