Friday, December 3, 2021

Yearly post?

 I guess it has been a while since I posted. 

Good news: life goes on. This year has been a bit insane and I'm ready for the drama to stop so I can get back into what I love. At the end of 2020 we discovered I had a growth on my liver. Turned out to be a pre-cancerous tumor that was attached to my liver and stomach and compressing my diaphragm. This was one of the many reasons I've not been doing well. That was removed in April and I have a fantastically gruesome scar from mid-sternum to belly button. I do freak out children when wearing my bathing suit. It's fun. :) 

My "real" job has kept me crazy busy to the point where I'm so exhausted after my days that I don't have the energy to move, let alone write or do much of anything that I want to. This is not a good work/life balance and I am working on overcoming that. I am trying to take time for myself along with jumping back into writing. It's slow going, but I'm stubborn and determined. 

I'm working a on a few new stories, some that will be very unexpected for most of you that I will probably write under a different pen name as they are not paranormal/supernatural of any kind. I hope you enjoy them. My goal is to put out 2-4 new books next year. Achievable, yah? 

Hopefully, I'll get better at posting stuff here. I'm trying. And learning. And working hard at a lot of things. I can't wait to start publishing on my own again. <3 

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