Friday, February 18, 2011

Zombie War

Oh. My. Lord. I started the day out without a clue as to where to begin. It is snowing, and while I know we desperately need it, I detest the snow. I have to run errands today, and have other things that sound a lot more fun than trying to get this story to flow. Instead of wallowing in all the things that I had to do today, I sat down and wrote. I vowed that I would write for at least an hour, and no matter how bad, I would at least get something down on paper. I can always fix it later. I just needed something.
I am now applauding that decision. While it took a minute to get it started, I have just written one of the goriest scenes I have ever read. I am not sure at this point wether to keep it, elaborate on it, or delete it completely. It is disturbing. The fact that it came from my head makes me want to hug someone and be told that I am not as disturbed as I feel right now.