Friday, February 11, 2011

I really wish I would have found this website way earlier as they have a link to a free book called Smashwords Style Guide by Mark Coker that is simply amazing.
Every place I have looked for formatting questions has been like reading Greek, but more irritating. I have changed the formatting on the book about 10 times to try and get it to look good on various e-Readers. The last time I was so frustrated I cussed out my computer and everyone around me for about three hours and said simply that I give up and hopefully people won't mind if it has a few oddities.
SSG walks you through the entire formatting so that it looks decent as an eBook. For those of you that purchased Choice already, I do apologize for any weird font, and for those who were waiting to get it, yea! You get the updated one. (content is EXACTLY the same, just better format) I really really wish I would have found this before I started this publishing fiasco. I had never thought myself as computer illiterate, but after attempting to publish in various vendors.... wow.
Anyway, Choice should now be available for every type of eReader created thanks to in the next two days.
I'm going to ride my motorcycle now. Happy Reading! :)