Monday, February 21, 2011


I am so exited today! People are buying Choice that I don't know, (I don't get a list of who purchases it, I just get a number of book sales and my friends tell me if and when they have gotten it, and the number of sales is more than the number of friends and family that have gotten it!) I have started my author's blog/webpage thingy, I am learning how to market and have been starting to network. I am really starting to feel like an actual AUTHOR! This is exactly what I want, and yet it is terrifying. I almost feel as if I am living someone else's life right now and that they are allowing me a small glimpse into the intricacies of what being a responsible, hard-working, self-employed author is all about. It is so much more complex, interesting, and difficult than anything else I have ever done in my life. I love it. The thrill of not knowing what is going to happen next, and how am I going to reach that next hurdle, is almost as nauseating as it is exciting. I think I was almost this nervous the first time I rode my motorcycle. I hope that like it has with my bike, this still holds joy for me, but calms down in its nerve-wracking intensity.
I feel as if I am almost finished with the Zombie short, and hope to have it available mid-March. We shall see. All the other things involved in selling books are occupying more of my time than I thought they would, but I am trying. I have to sleep now as I feel like I am getting loopy. I wish you all Happy reading!