Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Eleven years ago we were struck with a tragedy no one really believed was happening. It was like something out of a bad B-movie. This stuff didn't happen in real life, not to us. When the second plane hit on live television, I still remember the gasps, the look of horror on people's faces. I still remember coming home after my appointment and wanting to stay home all day, hugging my then boyfriend (now husband) and calling all my family back east.
It's strange what you remember about certain days, how horrific acts can freeze an entire day in your memory, never to be forgotten. I remember every little detail of that day like it was yesterday, yet my actual yesterday is a blur.
I'm thankful to have not lost anyone that day. I'm thankful to have friends and family in the military who defend our great country in times of crisis. I'm thankful to live in a country where I'm free to express myself in any way I feel necessary as long as I'm not harming someone. I'm thankful today for so many things, things that I take for granted on other days.
It's my wish, my prayer, that we thank those that protect us, that defend our rights, and remain thankful not only for today, but every day of our lives.
To those who lost someone dear to them eleven years ago, my heart goes out to you. To the men and women in service (military, police, fire, emt) I thank you for everything you do every day. We truly would not be the country we are today if it weren't for people like you fighting for our rights and freedoms.
I will never forget.