Monday, August 13, 2012

One into two

No, it's not magic. At least, it certainly doesn't feel that way. I've officially decided to convert the ever lengthening Created into two shorter, yet still long in their own right, novels. I'm not finished with either one, so don't start jumping in your chair just yet. I'm still shooting for October as a release date, but still not sure if that's going to happen. I want to release them both at the same time.
I was brainstorming with a fan/friend last week and we came up with excellent title ideas and a percolating synopsis and cover art for the second book. I'm not too terribly worried about those two things as I usually don't do them until the books are finished anyway. I may still wind up putting the two back into one, but I doubt it. I'm keeping my options open. :)
The first is going to remain Created as it's quite literally the story of how Victoria became a created vampire. It is very, VERY dark. This book takes me to places even I don't want to go. After some scenes, I need a major chick flick movie break. The second is Consumed. Natasha and Stephan return in this one. It's full of romance, power and my emotional roller coaster that I love to take you on. ;) I still haven't seen all the twists that occur here. It's very exciting and I must say... I love Logan!
Anyway, I'll keep you posted as things develop. Cross your fingers and toes that things continue jamming and I can actually get these both out before October comes to a screeching halt. TTFN - I'm off to bed.