Sunday, August 5, 2012


One never knows just when or where the muse will strike. For me, today, it was while I was driving home from work. Last night I spent my limited down time doing some much needed edits as I still didn't feel great and didn't want to write. I've divided Changed into a two-parter and am very happy with that decision. That all said, I've been working on the first half, the much darker half, of the story for the past week. I was editing the second part last night. I have no intensions of adding to that story just yet. I want to wait until I'm closer to the end of the first half.
Whew! Now that the background is taken care of, let me tell you about this morning. :)
While driving home, listening to my headphones, the muse decides to hit me up with an incredible scene. I'm 20 minutes away from my house and work. In the middle of freaking NOWHERE with no pen, no paper and no recorder. Not that I'm all excited to use a recorder, but... (I hate the sound of my voice played back. I always think I sound like I'm 12) So I hit the pedal just a tad and replay the scene in my head, over and over and over, along with the cd I was listening to.
I got home and promptly sat at my desk to write 1760 words in less than an hour.
This scene is great. I'm super excited. I also want to strangle my muse!
A. I don't want to write in this book yet
C. I'm nowhere near where this scene is yet
and D. What happens next?!?! Argh!
She does this to me all the time, gives me a snippet of awesomeness and then hides to see if I can come up with anything nearly so amazing without her. We usually work very well together, but sometimes she has a stroke of genius and pops into my head with amazing scenes. I can't wait to get to this scene. I can't wait to finish these books. Victoria's story is so complex, so amazing and so much frigging fun to write! I totally and completely LOVE writing!!!