Friday, August 3, 2012


I've been very overwhelmed lately about Created. I'm already at 200 pages and I haven't even reached the half-way point. I'm not sure if I should keep going or separate the book into two books. I've been talking to my beta readers and some adults I know that enjoy reading, and so far, everyone's thoughts are that I should separate the book.
I am apparently in the minority when I say I like long, epic books. Now, I have nothing against the average sized books, heck, I write them, but sometimes I really enjoy a 700+ page book. Not all the time, but I like being able to get into the story and have it last for a long time.
That all being said, I think I may divide up Created and publish both halves at about the same time. There's just so much information and so much involved in this story I feel like I wouldn't do it justice if I cut or abbreviated scenes to keep the book at a reasonable length. Even with separating it, I think they both may reach or exceed 300 pages.
I'm excited. Victoria's story is deep, dark and so much fun to write. She's such a complex character that has such heart and spirit, I love examining her depth. She's such a strong woman (vampire) and I absolutely adore Logan. I can't wait to share them both with you! I'm shooting for an October release date, but not sure if that's going to happen. Wish me luck! :)