Thursday, July 26, 2012


That's how I'm feeling today. Blech. I want to write, and I've written 2K+ words already, but I wanted to finish this section and combine these two, but it looks like I'm going to have to do another chapter before I combine. ugh for me, yea for you. :)
My new helmet arrived for my motorcycle and I rode to and from town today. I want to go on an epic ride right now but don't really have any epic places to go at the moment. Everything is just ugh for me right now. I hate falling into slumps. I've gotten so much accomplished today, maybe I should just cave and either go play a game or paint the two pictures I've been wanting to paint for a while. I don't want to record them though. I also still need to get my butt moving on a new, updated pict of me and my reading's for youtube. I feel like such a slacker today. lol
I'm going to get off my behind, finish the laundry and paint. Maybe.