Friday, September 28, 2012

Freaking out

Today I went with a friend for moral support in her obtaining a new tattoo. I love tattoos. She was sitting at the desk, getting her finger inked and introducing me to the people at the shop. She introduces me to the apprentice tattoo-er as, "Hey, this is my friend, Jean. She writes erotica."
We all laugh and I blush furiously. I hate being the center of attention and I'm intensely shy. I love sharing my books, so this shyness does pose a slight problem for me. (insert sarcasm. It poses a HUGE problem for me!)
She and I talk about books and she proceeds to go to and download the complete set to read later. She's super excited to be able to not only read porn but to also read up on her zombies and vampires/supernaturals.
At this point, the owner, who's doing the tattoo on my friend, mentions that he'd love to have a set as well as some copies to sell on consignment. I'm giddy with excitement! I'll actually be IN a store!!! Sure, it's a tattoo place, but how friggin AWESOME!!!! I tell him that I have to order a few more copies of the books as I'm running low on paperbacks and we start talking about how cool it'd be to have an author book signing or a meet the author day in his shop.
My stomach churns with excitement and nerves.
He tells me I should create some flyers and post them up around the university (It's literally a block away) and set up a date with him to do the meet and greet. He also mentions that he would like to put up a shelf in his shop where my books can be displayed and he can help me sell them.
Thankfully, my friend's tattoo is finished and someone else comes into the shop asking about tattoos. I can sit in her car and have my panic attack. I knew this day would come. I just thought I'd be ready for it when it came. Book signings. Meet and greets. My books in stores. Hyperventilating now. How does an extremely shy, introverted, albeit, a bit wacky, girl come out of her shell to meet and chat with people she doesn't know? Will you come hold my hand for moral support? :)
I'm ordering more books now in preparation for a signing/meet and greet. I have to figure out flyer ideas as well as something to sign for those who downloaded the books onto an eReader. I'm super excited and terrified at the same time. There's no hiding behind a computer screen or pages in a book. This is me, open, exposed and trying not to look like a complete dork.