Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Book Review: The DCI Casebooks: Ellis Flynn

Barnes & Noble
I greatly enjoyed my first installment of Donovan's work. Ellis Flynn was fast-paced, exciting, and edge-of-your-seat intriguing. I had no idea it was written in UK English, and that threw me a bit - especially when Donovan would veer from that and use American English terms i.e.: miles instead of kilometers. Not sure why his UK main character would do that, but cool. I loved to hate Flynn. He was an exceptionally well written bad guy and I greatly enjoyed the climactic scene when Jones finally meets him. The violence in that scene made me smile. Jean-Luc seemed extremely beyond helpful - more so than any cop I've ever read or heard about - ever. The twist with him at the end had me more interested in knowing more about his history. There has to be a reason for him to be so ridiculously helpful and knowing. To be honest, I wasn't greatly invested in the kidnap victim. I didn't really care if she was rescued or not. I personally could have used a bit more character development on her to really feel the need to rescue her. To me, she was just another stupid girl. Also, I find it extremely admirable that Jones can remain so functional on such little sleep. Being someone that works 12 hours, sleeps for two and works another 6, I don't know how he maintains any type of thought process with such little sleep and so much activity. That being said, if you like fast-paced, exciting books that lead you on a twisting adventure, pick up this book. It was a good read that had you turning pages quickly to see what happens next.