Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Working two jobs, being a cat mommy, a wife to a very spoiled man (whom I love dearly), and trying to get a writing career off the ground is exhausting. I absolutely hate cleaning the litter boxes and have been putting it off for almost 30 hours now. I don't want to clean them, but I also don't want to smell cat crap either. Sigh. Why can't things in life be more fun?
What things do you procrastinate doing? How do you waste your time while procrastinating? Me, well, today it was The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, and Jaws 3 on AMC. Such a waste of a day, especially when I already own the first two movies and could have watched them when I was finished with the litter boxes and in half the time as them being on tv. lol.
I am now off to clean these stinky boxes, clean my office, and do a bit of sewing, if time permits. I have to be to bed early for work in the morning. <3