Thursday, September 11, 2014


If you haven't watched Fringe, or haven't yet seen the finale and hate spoilers, stop reading now. I'm going to spend this post talking about the 5th season finale - the last episode of Fringe and don't want to ruin it for you if you haven't seen it yet.
As Shark Week is in full bloom, I spent the evening bawling as I watched the last few episodes of Fringe, alone in my living room with my cats. Even as I was frantically clearing my vision of the tears, all I could think about was, "they have it all wrong," and how much I hate fluctuating hormones.
That aside, I don't know how the writers of Fringe could have missed such a crucial moment, especially when they reminded us of this event when Michael caused Walter to have his flashback. When Michael and Walter went into the wormhole into the future to eliminate the observers, September would have been eliminated too. (Thereby eliminating the possibility that Michael could have ever been created in the first place, but I could argue myself in circles for that so I'll leave it alone) Now, if September had lived and went through the wormhole with Michael, I could understand and argue this point against myself, but as he died before being able to enter the wormhole, I just can't see it.
Here's my problem - Peter and Olivia would never have met because Peter died when he was a boy. Walternate would have never been distracted by September when making his cure for alternate Peter because September would have never existed (he was an observer) and Walter would have never had a reason to enter the alternate universe, therefore, the fractures in the two universes would have never been created and Fringe events would never have happened. The entire story of Fringe would never have happened because the focal point would never have occured. Walter would have become the crazy mad scientist he was afraid of becoming, and then blipped out of existence at some point because of the wormhole thing.
The fact that the observers disappeared at the 2016 timeline just doesn't make sense. If Michael was supposed to show the scientist that he didn't have to eliminate the emotional part of the brain, and avoid creating the observers, then they never would have existed in any time, not just 2016. It makes for a nice, happy ending, but it's not accurate. I think if they would have avoided reminding us, yet again, of how September saved Peter and Walter from the frozen lake, then maybe most people could have forgotten that part of the timeline. But they did (and truthfully, I saw that flaw WAY before that flashback) and the ending just didn't make sense.
That being said, humans like happy endings, and it doesn't get better than seeing a family being reunited. I still liked that show, flaws and all. :)