Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Review - Ashes Trilogy by Ilsa Bick

Let me just start by saying I try REALLY hard to not give spoilers or tell too much about the story in my reviews. I tell you what I would rate them and give a few tidbits on things that really struck me. These may not be the in-depth synopsis reviews you're looking for, but I try not to disparage the author or ruin the fun in reading for the reader. 

4 Stars
Interesting Apocalypse story. I started this series because it is the first book my husband started listening to on Audible. As he is not a reader, I wanted to support him in all things books. It gave us something to talk about that we were both interested in, and he was able to see a new perspective and has a better understanding on my writerly world. I had a difficult time really liking this book and honestly spent more time groaning over the stupidity of the characters than enjoying the story - until Rule. Ella is an extremely easy character to despise and makes me extremely grateful to not have children. Alex is complex. I'm still not sure if I'm rooting for or against her yet. I am intrigued enough to rest the next story. I just hope the storyline speeds up soon.

4 Stars
VERY SLOW build-up with EVERYTHING. And there is a LOT of things happening at once. It can be confusing at times as to who's story is being told at any given moment, but it is interesting and keeps up the suspense. It didn't really start getting good, to where you're teeth are clenched and you're cursing your interruptions, until about the last 10 or so chapters. And then it just ended. It was a decent book, but I hope Monster has an actual conclusion and I didn't just waste a few days of my time.

2 Stars
SO disappointed. While still maintaining a heady suspense, the culmination of this trilogy really leaves you with more questions than answers. I'm not really sure what to say without giving things away, but if you really want to feel as if you've wasted a ton of time, read this trilogy. I'm very disappointed with this ending. Ms. Bick should've edited out a whole bunch in this series and actually taken the time to finish it. Answer some questions. Come to some sort of conclusion. My husband is so bored listening to this book he's actually making up songs and calling me. He can only listen to about 30 minutes at a time without wanting to destroy Audible. Such a disappointment.