Tuesday, August 6, 2013


So, I thought I'd do something new for my upcoming novella.

As you may have heard, I've decided to make The Lascivious Transformation part of the Origin's series, but still keep it separate from the series for those who aren't into erotica. I've also got another short story that will be featured in the Shades of Pink anthology in October, titled "The Last Night."

Here's the challenge I thought would be fun to try with the upcoming novella:

I want YOU to come up with the title for this novella. I'm going to make it a contest of sorts. E-mail or comment on this post to be entered into the contest.
"What's in it for me?" you ask.
Here's the coolest part!! Not only will you be able to tell your friends that YOU titled this book, but you'll be able to show them your FREE copy that's DEDICATED TO YOU!!!! How awesome is that?!?

I don't have the synopsis written yet, but here's a little tidbit about this book: Auto finds his mate, who happens to be blind. She's been dreaming about his wolf for years, and when she does, it's the only time she can see things. Sage is strong-willed, an artist, and fiercely independent, even with her handicap.

I can't wait to see the titles you guys come up with! :)