Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Dance

I'm sitting in my chair doing a crazy little happy dance because The Lascivious Transformation just passed the 700 download marker! I'm super excited about this!!!
Whoop dee doo, you say? Well, I say yippie!!! That's 700+ crazy people like me who like untraditional erotic writing in 2 1/2 months, with some of that time consisting of the book being off the shelves due to censorship issues and absolutely zero marketing, except for my blog, twitter and fb account. That to me is awesome! It means people are starting to read me, to get to know the type of writer I am and will start following me! It means that things are finally looking in the positive direction for my writing career.
**Big sigh of relief**
I'm devoting this weekend to reviews and at least half a day each of Zombies and Created. The zombie sequel has been nudging at my psyche this past week, and I think it's time to try to venture back into the blood and guts and gore of the zombie apocalypse. I haven't been liking what's been turning up on the pages, but I've had some fan/friends read what's there already and they love it. It's not as gory and intensely graphic as the first, at least not yet, but it's very suspenseful. I'm three chapters into it, and know without a doubt that this one will be at least twice as long as the first one, if not longer.
I've got Choice and Changed in the hands of some well-known paranormal romance fanatics, and I'm praying they like them and they get good reviews. I'll keep you posted as I go along.
The cats are really getting sick of me coming home and sitting in front of the computer or sleeping, so I think I'm going to have to go spend some mommy-kitty time with them. Hopefully soon, I won't have to leave to go to work, and they can just deal with me at the computer for a few hours a day while I spend more time with them. That's my dream.