Friday, March 23, 2012


I've been working on Victoria's story- Created. So far I absolutely love it. Her story is complex, deeply dark and fun to write. It starts out with her in the here and now and quickly goes to three years before her transformation (1610). It's fun because I'm learning so much about Incan and Spanish history as well as adding my own twist to how the insane Atlantean warrior will affect the culture of her small village life. It's historical romance with a supernatural twist. It's been hard to keep my head in the different culture as well as trying to show Mneseus' insanity from Victoria's perspective. 
The more I write in this series, the harder it is to keep everything in order. I've always hated it as a reader to read the third or fifth novel and notice a huge issue with the time flow. I've worked really hard on my series to keep the timeline and character's abilities in sync. I definitely have more respect and understanding for the authors that I used to get annoyed with. This is difficult! :) 
It's so much fun to get into Victoria's head though. She's such a complicated and deep character, a trait that I don't think anyone's noticed yet. She's always been comfortable hiding in the shadows and staying away from the lime light, so I'm really excited that she wants her story told.
I have the outline for it in my head and I'll be surprised if it's under 300 pages. This will be my longest book to date. I'm nervous about that, but really happy. So far I have the Prolog and the first two and a half chapters written, as well as a partial chapter that's a bit further into the storyline. It's really exciting to watch this story progress. Mneseus seems like a normal, battle-hardened warrior, but in reality he's one of the most unstable characters I've ever seen. He should've been killed decades ago, but Stephan is tired of destroying his old friends and Mneseus is retaliating by collecting Victoria. She reminds him of his dead wife and he wants to recreate in her what he lost during Atlantis' sinking. Victoria is thrust into a culture she doesn't understand and has to learn things from an insane shape-shifter. I can't wait to finish this and share it with you! I'm so excited about this story! I should go and type some more!