Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Spells of Death by Drac Von Sotller

1 Star
They say, "never judge a book by its cover." And they're right. I saw this cover and thought, "OMG. This is going to be a scary, fun read - I can't wait!" Then upon reading the details of the book (which I'm sad to admit, I didn't do until posting this review), you discover it's supposedly 31 tales of horror - book 1 - 9 pages. So it's a SUPER short story, that should be ok. You are never more grateful that it's only 9 pages when you suffer through the first page. I hate giving bad reviews. But, for the love of God - read your work a few times before publishing. Read it to the mirror, to others, aloud, whatever it takes to realize that commas are your friend. Even for a 9 page short story, this was terrible. The thoughts were incredibly unfinished and the story didn't seem plausible or put together - at all. I wanted to like it, but wow. Absolutely terrible writing.