Thursday, May 21, 2015

Divinity Impaired by Lexy Wolfe

3 Stars
A very well-written story that leaves you kinda hanging. Much of the dialog throughout the book is extremely repetitive and annoying. And with how Lexy insists Tiwaz only trusted Doom, she certainly seems to open up to everyone she meets, rather quickly regarding her pain and trials. While the ending is somewhat satisfying, it leaves you abruptly wondering, "that's it?" It just ends. There's no real conclusion, just another scene where Tiwaz is broken, battered, and again stubbornly refusing anything from her companions. And if Ky-lar is supposed to be a mate and shapeshifter, why is he only ever in his panther form? What is Tiwaz's real name? Why didn't she seem to learn anything - ever? She didn't grow as a character. She was exactly the same from beginning to end. It was frustrating to read, even with the writing being fantastic.