Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Kingdom by Emily Walker

4 Stars

Extremely suspenseful short story. Ms. Walker keeps the reader turning pages to find out more. While I greatly enjoyed this quick novella, I think it would benefit a healthy fleshing-out (pun intended). Her premise that animals occasionally go crazy and even out the ecosystem was an interesting way to  set up this apocalyptic story, but a better, more believable background on how this has happened in the past would be preferable. Even with the hokey, three sentence explanation, the story was fun, gory and very exciting. Definitely made me look at my cats twice after reading. Also, I kind of wondered why no-one in the story ever thought of fire as a good way to fend of the crazed animals. Certainly that would've been an excellent deterrent for the rats an the snakes if not everything else? I'd be interested in seeing if there is a sequel to this book and seeing how it all ends.
If you like apocalyptic stories, and want an exciting, quick read, pick up this book.