Thursday, October 9, 2014

Anniversary Sale!

10 years is a long time to hold a torch for one person. In celebration of the Booth's 10-year wedding anniversary Jean is sharing the love with you! The first two books in her Paranormal Romance series are FREE on Kindle!

Choice, Origins of the Supernaturals, Book 1

It was chance, guided by the hands of a god that brought them together.

Natasha never believed that the fairy tales she read to her niece were real. She read them to give her niece hope. She, herself, had all but given up on love, until the fateful day when she went scuba diving in the Bermuda Triangle and was thrust into a culture of people that’d change her life forever.

On a legendary island, she meets Raif, the shape shifting Warrior Chief of Atlantis, and her soul mate. Their attraction is instant, powerful and foretold by an oracle, centuries before Natasha was born. She struggles with the intense desire, unwilling to truly believe and fraught with the desire to return to the surface, free from the deep, confusing emotions she feels around Raif.

It's on Atlantis where she's told about the origins of the supernatural species. Vampires, shifters, and elementals - they're all real! With time and fate against her, Natasha's given the most difficult choice of her life. Can she let her heart go, accept Raif as her soul mate without losing her soul in the process? Would her choice bind them, or doom a hidden culture to eternal isolation?

Changed, Origins of the Supernaturals, Book 2

Do you believe the unbelievable is possible?

Natasha didn't until the day she drowned. She woke mated to a Shifter and her life would never be the same again. Separated from her soul mate, Raif, by time, miles of ocean and an ancient prophecy, she struggles to understand her new existence. Alone, confused and betrayed by those closest to her, she seeks out guidance from the only person she can think of - a vampire.

"Vampires, Shapeshifters, Necromancers, Supernatural Hunters - I sat in awe listening as Stephan, leader of the Vampire clans, teach me about my new culture. I'm glad he waited until now to tell me. I didn't believe the unbelievable was possible until I was mated to a powerful Shape shifter three months ago. After that, all sorts of crazy things started happening to me.

I've got to say, I'm a believer now."

About the Author

JEAN BOOTH lives in Nevada with her husband and cats. When she's not out risking her neck on the back of her motorcycle, she enjoys the more calm activities of reading, gardening, and spending time with her friends and family. She has worked in health care for most of her adult life before deciding to finally share the stories that have been living in her head.
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