Saturday, May 19, 2012

WriCha - The interview with the founder, Zoe Harrington

What promoted you to come up with the WriCha challenge? 

 I'm still a full-time student, in my last year of school before college-- bearing in mind this is the English school system-- and I have a bunch of exams this month and next. I knew it wouldn't be right if I continued to blog whilst they were going on. Writing and blogging is like a part time job and I can't revise effectively if my mind is somewhere else.
What's this got to do with WriCha, you say?
I wanted something big for the blog to make up for lack of posts. I owe it to the readers I have. WriCha came to me quite quickly. I wanted something original, but I wanted it to work similarly to memes like NaNoWriMo and the A-Z blogging challenge. I suppose you could say the idea was born from loyalty to my readers... :-)

What authors can we expect this year for the challenge and what are they going to be writing about? 

The list of authors is on the post wich you can find on my blog here -> 
There's a mixture of writers with very different writing styles and personalities. I speak to all of them, some more often than others, and I know they all have talent. Also, they write different genres and some are working out of their comfort zone for WriCha. Their choice not mine, and I appreciate that.

Hmm, the prompts they are using vary from being stranded on an island or kidnapped to a mysterious briefcase or love down the vegetable isle! I can't really say what they're writing, because I don't know! Each prompt gives them a basic premise. The genre, style and other things are completely up to them.

Are you participating, or just promoting it?

 I think it's only fair if I participate. As much as us writers love to write, asking others to do so and sitting back to watch isn't fair. You won't be seeing my progress with the updates though! I have to start writing from mid June. Which gives me only 15 days to write, revise and edit the short story. It's a tight squeeze but I'm willing to try.

 What are your expectations for the challenge?

Expectations...hmmm. Well I expect some effort and a polished piece because this challenge has a large amount of promotion in it. If I'm promoting an author, it's best they have a quality final product because it's their readers-- and new ones-- that will see it.

I don't really know what my expectations are. My hopes are that they enjoy participating, and that WriCha is a success. I'd love to continue WriCha as a yearly meme; but that depends on it's success this time around. *fingers crossed*

Can we expect to see the short-stories in an Indie collection, and if so, when?

 Oh, Jean, you had to ask didn't you! ;-)
I AM considering putting the stories into a collection. I haven't actually approached the authors about this yet. I've been going over what the cover might look like in my head and how I'd achieve this. Take my answer as a maybe, and bear in mind it's not just up to me. It's up to all participants whether they want their story in the collection. As for when to expect it; I have no idea. Christmas? Next year? Could be anytime if it happens!

Are you working on anything else, or solely concentrating on the WriCha challenge?

  Well, excluding exams, I'm concentrating solely on WriCha. My own writing has to take a back seat, as much as I hate to say that. After WriCha, I have a heap of reviews to post so I don't know when I'll be writing again. It's like a four month writing vacation. Hell, in other words.

Thanks so much for the idea as well as chatting with me Zoe! I know I'm really excited to jump out of my comfort zone and write a short story about being stranded on an island. :) It sounds like you're having a busy time the next couple of months as well. Good luck with your story and your exams! I personally would love to see WriCha as a collection of short-Indie-Authored-stories! 
Good luck to you and all the other writers - I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!