Sunday, February 26, 2012

The kiss

I dreamed of you last night.
We were talking about unimportant things in low voices. I leaned in closer to you, inhaling your unique scent under the light taint of cigarette smoke. We've played this game many times, neither of us crossing the line from temptation into the forbidden. Today, with our voices pitched low so no one could hear us in the crowded room, the sexual tension was thicker than it had ever been. You reach out to hold me close, your large hand casually pulling me tightly into your body. I tremble, blushing with the emotions you bring out in me. Never before had I been able to talk to someone who made me feel this way, let alone flirt with them. You flirt back with me, opening me gently to new experiences. I lean even closer to you, our noses touching side-by-side.
I think we stopped talking, both barely able to breathe past our desire. Your brown eyes stare deeply into mine, and I know we're going to cross that unspoken line. Excitement and terror thrill through my veins with the knowledge that you want this as badly as I do. Gently and ever so hesitantly, you brush your lips against mine. I shudder, my eyes fluttering closed in reflex. I move my lips against yours, finally feeling the softness I'd so often thought about.
We tease each other, barely making contact with one another's lips. Our breath mingles. We're both struggling to maintain some sense of composure, not willing to take this forbidden kiss too far least we explode with the passion burning in our veins.
I grab onto your shoulder and you hold me even tighter against you, knowing without our grasp on one another's bodies we'd collapse in a passionate embrace on the floor surrounded by all those people.
Without thought, I add pressure to the kiss. Our lips finally meet, solid and unyielding against the other's. You groan slightly in the back of your throat. I gently lick my lips in a vain attempt to quench my desire. Our tongues touch, hesitantly, both unsure if we should be doing this. It felt so good, so right, we couldn't stop.
I open to you, start the dance that'd lead us into the passionate fires of hell, and not caring as your tongue tangos with mine. Our breath is labored, we're both panting and helplessly moaning. We slow the kiss down, withdraw our battling tongues and linger with lips pressed against lips. I breathe in your exhalation, and you take mine. We share more than just a simple kiss in that moment. For a brief second, I can feel you in me as I'd never felt another.
My eyes flutter open wide in amazement and I'm awake, the dream still lingering on my dry lips.