Monday, July 18, 2011

Post Birthday

Well, Saturday was my birthday- a big one- 30! I had an amazing time with friends and family, drinking, laughing, goofing off at the casa. The conclusion: I'm never drinking again. Hangover's suck, and the older I get the more often I get them after drinking. I have still yet to puke though. That's gotta be something! lol.
Changed is making huge progress, I'm so excited where this book is headed. There is so much involved in it, I hope people don't get lost. I've also decided to write out a glossary and perhaps a cast of characters. I started in on that the other day, and wow! I was amazed at how many characters played a small roll in Choice. Not to mention the ones that show up in Changed. I'm really enjoying this series. Watching my characters grow and develop into their own people- it's amazing. I can't wait to finish Changed and get feed back.
I will do my best to write a sequel to Zombie Wars. I've been getting gobs of people craving more of that book, even though it was just meant to be a fun little quick read. I've got the title, so the rest should be easy- right. Off to write now. Happy reading to all!