Saturday, July 30, 2011


Ok, so I re-watched Prince of Persia today and was happily reminded of soul mates and my book that I have been seriously neglecting as of late. The struggles, the uncertain love, the suppressed passion, it is all so beautiful. It made me wonder if they would still have the same passion, the same love if they weren't faced with such difficulties. I started thinking more about Changed and if we were headed down the right path, if I was speeding things along too fast because I want it to be finished, and if I could end it differently and still accomplish everything I want to.
I don't know about other authors, but I know I project a ton in my writing. Either it's venting frustrations out through my character's lives (which by the way, isn't always a BAD thing) or projecting my feelings of the moment onto paper. Sometimes it works for the scenes, sometimes I find myself rewriting chapters. I know that I love love and I want Natasha to have that love that surpasses the test of time. I want her to be strong, capable and compassionate. I want so much for her that I can't talk about right now because it will ruin the book for you. grr. :) I want to talk about it with someone, and I can't. It's sometimes very frustrating to be an author. I'm very excited about Changed. I think I've grown in my writing and in my storytelling, and I'm very excited to see how her life is when this book is finished. I hope you all love it just as much as I have been. :)