Friday, June 3, 2011

random stuff

Yea! I figured out how to upload Zombie War to Goodreads! Awesome. I also helped someone today with their publishing frustrations. Yea! Feeling good on the work site today.
I am completely frustrated with Changed and have not wanted to sit and write for days now. I keep waiting for that to change, but can't figure out why I feel stuck in the first place. Grr.
Today I feel like utter crap- thank you allergies- so I haven't wanted to do anything anyway. I watched season 3 of True Blood because I like it and also because people keep telling me that Alcide the werwolf  would make an excellent Raif if I ever made a movie out of Choice. I still don't see it. Don't get me wrong, Joe Manganiello is totally hot, and should never have been allowed to wear a shirt in this show, but I just don't picture him as Raif. I picture someone like the Rock or Vin Diesel as Raif. I may have to create a character specifically for Joe Manganiello though, simply because he really is yummy. This is all assuming that I will one day make a movie out of my books. That would be awesome. I think I'd have to pinch myself.
I have to go try to sleep off some of my allergy drugs. I'm way too loopy. This is why I hate allergies and asthma. I cannot breathe, so I take meds, then I lose my dang mind. If I don't take the meds, I cannot breathe. Where is the happy medium here?!? I just want to BREATHE!!! argh!!!!
I hope your day is better than mine. Although, I did get to watch a whole lot of sexiness, so it wasn't all bad. ;)