Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I am very excited today! Choice received its first review!! YEA! To view it go to
As well as receiving awesome news like this, I am also very excited to note that I picked up my proof of Choice in the mail last night! I have to tweak some things on it, but hopefully in the next two weeks it will be available on paperback!!! I am beyond excited about this!

I am very thankful to those that do an honest review of my book(s). I am a very new writer. Sometimes the things that are in my head are not as clearly depicted on paper, or sometimes reiterated too much on paper as to be annoying. I take constructive criticism to heart, both good and bad. I am not naive enough to believe that what I write is going to be perfect, or that everyone is going to like it. I do think that everyone has room for improvement, and it's silly to ignore completely the suggestions of others.

I am very pleased with the review from K.
Good things are happening, and will hopefully continue on this path.
Happy reading!