Friday, January 10, 2014

Interesting tidbit

Had a meeting today for work that was interesting, followed by another, impromptu meeting with my co-workers (my mother and brother's girlfriend, yes, I have an awesome job) that quickly turned to paranormal discussion and the history of my mother's late teen years.
After 32 years of knowing her, I was informed that my mom actually didn't graduate high school, but obtained her GED instead. I knew she was living on her own when she went to high school, but had no idea she didn't graduate. She was talking about her pregnancy with me and how at 3 months, she had an asthma attack. The doc told her that she could either take meds and see what happens to the baby, or not take meds and the baby would be retarded. I was reminded how far healthcare has come in 30 short years.
This whole revelation came about because of yesterday's post and a discussion my mom had with her boss. Apparently, I have more in common with her boss then I knew and I can't wait to call her up and have lunch. That'll be an interesting conversation... heehee
In the meantime, I'm hanging out with Bry and the cats at home, relaxing and about to watch season 3 of Spartacus.