Monday, July 8, 2013


My sister graduated from nursing school a few weeks before her birthday. For a combo present, I splurged and picked up (almost - 5 rows back) front row tickets and a hotel suite in the Luxor for this past weekend.
View from our room.
After driving 7 hours to Vegas, walking the strip in the noon-day heat, shopping, eating and laughing, we stumbled back into our room to change for the concert. We raced over to the Mandalay Bay Event Center and found our amazing seats just as Boys 2 Men were finishing their first song.

Boys 2 Men with flower petals falling from the sky.

My sister totally geeked out watching them perform, and I'll admit, it was fantastic! If you get a chance to hit up Vegas starting in August, check them out at the Mirage! :) We moved from their energizingly fantastic performance to 98 degrees! I <3 Nick Lachey (HUGE fangirl crush!!!) 

OMgomgOMG!!! There he is!!!

I could actually see the sweat dripping off him! SO super cute! I was in fangirl heaven - and it wasn't even CLOSE to being over yet!!!

NKOTB arrive!
New Kids on the Block arrive amidst hundreds of screaming girls and some unfortunate boyfriends. I've loved them since they first became popular, I was about 7 years old. I'd never had the opportunity to see them in concert before, and was absolutely THRILLED to have been able to have had this opportunity now when I could appreciate it more. It was hard to remember they were all in their 40s-50s with how absolutely stunning their vocals, choreography and abs were!