Saturday, April 27, 2013

My e-mail

I know by now some of you have noticed my e-mail isn't the traditional Authorname or seriesname@... but that I'm Strange? Yes. Fitting to me? Yes. Am I going to change it and follow the "norm"? Absolutely not.
Here's the history about my e-mail:
Way back in the day, when AOL had just come out and was insanely popular (I think it was the first social media site, but not sure) and the sentence, "You've Got Mail" would make you smile with anticipation, I began my on-line persona. I was somewhere between 11-14 years old. I've always been fascinated with Egypt, the pharos, history, culture, everything I could get my hands on, I devoured like a sponge. At that particular time in my life I was extra obsessed with Cleopatra. I decided that I would be known as her in my on-line life. She was everything I wanted to be and didn't know how to become. Sexy, dark, mysterious, powerful, confident, courageous, fearless, in a word: Amazing. I thought that if I could pretend to be her in at least one aspect of my life, that would rub off onto other parts of my life as well.
As you can imagine, that user name was already chosen. The first available was something like Cleopatra1874 or something stupid like that.
I tried different variations that would still make me smile every time I saw it, and then grew frustrated. I growled at AOL, telling my computer how stupid it was. Didn't it realize this was the start of my new identity?!? How dare someone take that away from me!
(I was pre-teen, come on.)
I thought I'd be really creative since I couldn't have the name I wanted, I'd pick a bad-guy that certainly no one would think of. Katra, the character that turns into a panther on She-Ra. She'd always been my favorite bad-guy, and I thought her ability to be cat-like was amazing. I typed that in... taken.
After storming about and cursing fate, I had an epiphany. Why not combine my two favorite women? Become the persona of both - an ancient badass and an evil shifter? I couldn't be too obvious about it, so I'd have to switch the C to a K, and no one would know what I did!
So Kleokatra was born.
A few years go by and I forgo the computer to deal with life. When I returned, I could no longer access my namesake, so I recreated it by adding a 1 at the end. As far as I'm aware, I'm still the only Kleokatra and Kleokatra1 on AOL, if they still even maintain that information. Since the addition of the 1 however, it's stuck. I'm still massively in love with the Egyptian culture and history, perhaps not as obsessively as I was when I was a child, but it's still in my top 2 places to visit before I die. I still love cats, and still think Katra is awesomely horrible when I watch re-runs of She-Ra with my husband.
I debated when I started writing, should I stay with the traditional, or go out on a limb and be my wacky self? As I've always done, and always hope to do, I've stayed with what makes me "me" and kept the