Monday, June 11, 2012

Wricha Update

I've finally completed my Wricha short story, The Island. I was surprisingly able to keep it under 3000 words without cutting anything. I was also able to keep it in the general vicinity of my genre without leaving the PG rating. That was harder than I thought it be. When I started, I picked this prompt in order to travel outside my comfort zone. I started writing and found myself stubbornly headed back into it. It's still very unique to my writing, still something I'd never have written about if I thought about it, but you can still hear my voice and the undertones of my style. While there's absolutely no sex or graphic details of gore or romance, that doesn't mean it isn't implied. I like it. I know now that I'll probably never write a YA novel, but this was fun and extremely challenging for me. I've never been given guidelines to write in before. It was fun to try to get you to care about the characters as well as encompass the requirements of the challenge all into an extremely short story.
I can't wait until it goes live in July! :)
Happy Reading!