Saturday, April 28, 2012


I started pinning this week. I'd like to be able to upload more of my photos, but I seem to have difficulties with that. hmm. Anyway, Pintrest seems interesting. It's strange how people discover you on these sites. I don't know about 90% of the people that repin things, but am glad they're enjoying my pins. :)
On another note, I haven't done anything with my books this week. I've been in so much pain from this stupid crown fiasco that I haven't been able to function. It's been an effort to not snap at everyone I encounter. Two more weeks until the permanent crown is set. Hopefully this one will be better and the pain will disappear.
I've been reading this week, as much as I can to distract myself. I'll post reviews on B&N, Amazon, and Goodreads probably Thursday. I want to finish the two books I'm reading now before I post. I also am working on another project for networking that I think you'll find interesting. As soon as I have it together, I'll let you know!
Anyway, I have to go attempt to paint the cover to Created now. I know what I want it to look like, but I'm really not sure if what's in my head will transpire on canvas. I'm excited to try though! :)