Thursday, January 26, 2012

today's thoughts

At one point when I was describing Zombie War to a friend, they told me that it sounds just like this show called "The Walking Dead." I was mortified. First because I was ignorant enough to not have any idea that there was a Zombie show, and second that my story mirrored this show. My friend told me about it, said it was awesome and that I should watch it. I don't watch t.v. all that often, I still only have one channel (I know, dark ages!) and I wasn't all that excited to watch a show that I was told I mimicked to a t. So here it is, almost a year later, and I'm trying to write a sequel to a book that I never intended to be a series, and I'm completely stuck. Every word I write, I hate. I can't seem to get past the first page, even though I've written almost an entire chapter. I can't envision the characters, the setting, or what's supposed to happen next. I keep thinking about other books that I want to write right now, and the Zombies keep getting pushed further and further back.
That being said, I've decided to watch "The Walking Dead." It doesn't mimic any of Zombie War, and is surprisingly a very good zombie series. I never thought I'd really enjoy an entire show of zombies, but this is a highly entertaining show. I'm half way through the first series and have only yelled at the stupidity of the characters a couple times. It is kind of predictable, but still a fun series. It is also getting me really into the zombie mood. I'm hoping that tonight I'll have very creepy, scary and grotesque zombie filled dreams.
How often do you wish to have zombie filled dreams? lol.