Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Both of my books are available on as paperbacks. I just received an email from them stating that Zombie War: The Beginning is now available for greater distribution- to online book retailers!! I'm SO excited!!!! I have absolutely no friggin idea what this means, but in 6 weeks or less, I'm thinking Zombies could be available in paperback on Borders, B&N, and other bookseller websites. I'll definitely keep you posted on the happenings! This is so exciting!!
In other news, Changed is progressing slower than I want, but still progressing. I'm completely in awe of how much I've improved as a writer this past year. Re-reading Choice then following it with Changed makes me want to go back and do another round of edits and clean-up with Choice. I'm not sure if I should though. I kinda like being able to see the growth and progression of my writing, although if doing another round of edits would make Choice more attractive, then....
Changed has been so much fun to write. The challenges to create a culture within cultures, define the origins of myth and mystery, adding historical and relevant facts to make my fiction believable, has been a challenge that I'm absolutely loving. I seriously can't wait to share this book with you! I think it's my best so far. =D
In my personal life, my hives are finally starting to go away. YES!! I still itch, but it's not as distracting and all-consuming as it has been. Three months of hives are three months too long. Work has been adding  unnecessary stress to my life, but it's my Friday, and I can write and play this weekend. I look forward to the days when I get to scribe the life of my characters.
I love writing.