Thursday, June 4, 2015

What you wish for

I like to follow the moons. First, I think the moon is an absolutely, breathtakingly, beautiful orb. And secondly, it's fun to see what each full moon means. For example - June is the Wishing Moon. During the night of the full moon (which was on the 2nd) you are supposed to go out and state your intention (wish) with the moon's rays lighting the sky. It is said that with the power of June's Wishing Moon, and your vocalizing your deepest wish, it is more likely to come true.

So, I was outside on the second, stating my wish to the heavens and my neighbors. Before the words even left my throat, I felt the stirrings of a panic attack. My palms were clammy, my chest tight, my heart thundering. It was then that I finally understood the phrase "sometimes what your fear the most, is the very thing that will set you free." What I fear the most, also happens to be my heart's greatest desire. And in that moment, I doubted. Before I uttered a single word, I let fear wiggle it's way in to show me everything that could go wrong with that wish. And then the words were uttered and a profound sense of freedom engulfed me.

"I wish..."

Be careful what you wish for, for it just might come true.

"I hope..."

"I believe..."

"I will...."