Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Defect part 1&2 & Paragon by Autumn Kalquist

4 Stars

This book ended WAY too soon. Just sat you start to get into it - it's over. Really enjoyed it - except the end. It just stopped. Right in the middle of the climactic part. I really hope part two actually has an ending - a stopping point to where the reader isn't left wondering what the heck happened. Autumn is a captivating author and Selene is a wonderful main character - but that ending! ARGH!

5 Stars

SO good! I can't wait to read more - and not because the ending left me hanging like the first part. This one actually came to a proper end and left you craving more of the story. I have to know if I'm right about Scraggle being Anders' father or not and find out if Anders ever comes back for Selene. Also, how do they end up in Space for The Legacy Code to begin?!? This is such a fun, exciting read that keeps you on the edge of your seat in suspense.

4 Stars
Always leaves you wanting more. This is a very good story that has your heart pounding as you turn the pages. Intrigue, nefarious plots, twists and turns around every corner - great series, even if you're not a fan of science fiction. 

I received these books from the author in exchange for honest reviews. :)