Saturday, December 6, 2014


Yes, I do know that it is currently December. I'm so far behind on life right now it isn't funny. I wanted to let you all know I was doing Comicon last month - and forgot. For those of you who came out for Reno's FIRST Comicon - Thanks! It was so much fun, I think I'm still recuperating from it. I met some wonderful people, both actors and non. I'm posting some of my favorite photos below. I have more, but there are so, so many. It was a great time and I hope to do it again in the future.

Our booth.
Me & Marissa Ames posing at our booth - Day 1.
Marissa Ames, Michael Rooker, & Me

I love these costumes.

Lou Ferrigno

I met Captain Kirk & Chekov - a
dream come true. Now I have to
get the rest of them...

May the Force be with you.

My husband, me, Scott Wilson, Marissa Ames, and her husband.

One of about 1,000 Deadpools

Meeting a fan - how Awesome! :)

Belle & Hercules 

This is Val - holding her book.
I thought you'd enjoy seeing who
I dedicated Lascivious to. 

Me & Captain Jack. I had to pose
or risk going against the "Pirate's

One of the coolest tattoos ever.

Backside of tattoo.