Friday, April 18, 2014

Strange Dreams

I typically have strange dreams, but some days are stranger than others. For example, my husband went on a REALLY BAD B-movie (or less) zombie movie marathon a few years ago, and I had a few strange dreams about zombies. I wrote them down and created Zombie War. This was all before I'd even heard of The Walking Dead.
I have also had prophetic dreams since I was a kid - all about death. You can imagine that predicting and watching someone die repeatedly in your dreams, and then having it happen exactly how you dreamt, is rather disturbing. I started sleeping with a Dreamcatcher. It works miracles. However, for some reason, I have more trouble remembering my dreams in the morning than I used to. I'm usually okay with that, but sometimes, I really miss the insanity that my brain comes up with.
Last night's dream really stuck with me.
I was doing yard work, clearing out a rather overgrown parcel of land that was just covered in plants and crap. I had to pull out an arch that had ivy covering it because it was being replaced. This arch was completely covered in thick spider webs. It was a challenge to pull it out of the ground, and move it to the garbage heap without any help and without disturbing the creatures that belonged to the webs. I hate spiders. Granted, some I'll tolerate, but black widows scare the crap out of me.
The yard was really starting to look nice, and I needed Jennifer Aniston's opinion on something. I was climbing into the window to get into the house and talk to her when the sun started to set. The arch was near me, and the rest of the gardening crew had left for the day. There was only Jennifer, who was in her room doing whatever it is that celebrities do in their room (it wasn't important to the dream, so she was just this famous figure I needed to communicate with but never could reach), a brown-haired guy I can't remember, and me.
Black widows came from every crevasse of the arch to perch on their respective nests. They ranged from the size of a dime to the size of a very healthy apple. I could feel my pulse race through my veins as I tried frantically to reach the window before one of the spiders could reach me, or realized I was a mere two feet away. I tapped quietly on the window to no avail.
One of the largest spiders heard though. She tilted her body towards me, waiting.
I froze, unsure of what to do, but knowing I didn't want to stay there the whole night. I glimpsed the brown-haired man inside the house. Taking a huge risk, I pounded on the window. He saw me, but so did the widow. She came at me quickly and I knew she would reach me before the man would. I screamed, pounding on the window and trying to open it, praying that someone would help me before she killed me.
It was then that I woke up.