Saturday, March 29, 2014

Books for Free

Sarah Butland

Many avid readers have piles and piles of books piled on shelves and by their beds and still can't walk out of a bookstore without spending a small fortune on more.

The good news is, ebooks and ereaders have made it easy to store books and save money, the challenging part is staying a head.

When authors make their ebooks available for free, even if you don't plan to read them for a long, long time, it's a huge benefit to download it immediately. The effects may surprise you. Not only do you get a new free book to add to your collection without needing another shelf, you're improving that authors chance to succeed.

I recently launched my award winning fantasy short story, Blood Day, for free and have received some amazing support. Strangers are eager to download, read and immediately review it and that to me is worth more than a full time job.

The book has risen to high on the best-sellers rank meaning it's visible for many more people. A book that normally would just get uploaded and buried amongst greats is giving an emerging author publicity needed to feel successful.

So don't think you're being bombarded with an advertisement for another free book, know the author is trying to be sure you don't miss out. Also please consider downloading it even if it's not going to be read in years as you never know when you'll need something new but the author already knows he/she needs your download today.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland
PS: Still more time to download this for free but do it before it's too late.