Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Holidays!

I'm the oddball in my family. While everyone I know and love, including my husband, looks forward to, and celebrates Christmas, I do not. I support them and smile with them, doing my best to share in their joy of the Christmas season. Bry and I have a tree and we open presents with the cats on Christmas day, after Santa Paws has been to visit. It's silly, but it's fun. We also spend Christmas Eve and Day with some of our families. I have a blended family, and only some of them live near us, so it's a bittersweet time.
I, however, celebrate the Solstice. Quietly retreating to my office or the backyard, I sit in solitary meditation, giving thanks to Spirit, the god and goddess, and taking the time to send positive energy and healing to those who may need it. It warms my heart, heals a part of me that I never really knew needed the healing, and brings me peace and joy during this time of year.
While I do say, "Happy Christmas," "Happy Chanukah," and "Happy Holidays" to people, I don't force my beliefs on them and don't get offended if others forget or ignore my beliefs. I believe this time of year is a time of remembrance, love and charity to and for all.
So, no matter what your beliefs are during this hectic season, I hope you find joy and blessings with those around you. <3