Friday, September 27, 2013

Olive Garden

Thirteen years ago I was on a date with this boy I'd been casually seeing. He took me to one of my favorite restaurants, The Olive Garden. He was so nervous, he barely said five words to me in the car ride over and kept fidgeting with his utensils and napkin once we were seated.
"What's wrong?" I asked with a smile, not used to his shy behavior.
He looked so cute all shy and nervous to be on a date with me. He didn't respond, just shook his head.
We ordered our food and started tearing apart the breadsticks. I munched, he just tore his to pieces.
It was quiet at our little table, abnormally so because we were still trying to get to know each other and usually had quite a bit to talk about. I could tell he was working up the courage to say something, so I gave him his space and was quiet while he fidgeted.
"So, uh..." he began, taking quick glances up from the table to see if I was still there.
"Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked in one breath, quickly, his face flushing slightly.
I giggled. He was just so adorable!
"Yah." I replied, trying to quell my giggles and failing miserably.
He beamed, taking my hand in his for a second before inhaling his torn up breadstick.

That boy has since grown into a man. A man who still makes me giggle like that young girl back then. It's been thirteen years ago today since he asked me to go steady and we still hold hands, smooch, and goof off like newlyweds. To this day I remember that date like it was yesterday. I look forward to a lifetime more.